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The right approach to autism can lead to the best outcome.

Research has shown that children who start intervention early and receive a high-intensity number of hours per week of applied behaviour analysis therapy for at least a few years achieve the most significant gains. Learn more about the red flags to autism.

For those who have achieved the best outcome we mean that:

  • The child is in a regular education placement, is receiving passing grades and no longer needs specialised support
  • The child scores above to above average in standardised assessments related to language, intelligence, socialisation and daily living skills
  • A medical doctor or psychologist experienced in diagnosing autism concludes that the child no longer qualifies for any diagnosis in the autism spectrum

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ABA Instruction for Autism

ABA is considered a scientifically validated pedagogical approach that has been time tested and repeatedly proven to be effective throughout the lifetime of individuals with autism and other learning disabilities.

ABA is the application of the principles of behaviour to issues that are socially important in order to produce practical change. For some, It means being equipped with the skills necessary to live an independent life. For others, it means learning how to make friends or do better at school. ABA finds a way to replace behaviour that is harmful to the child or to others. ABA is a teaching methodology grounded in science with much published research in support of it being an effective intervention.

Through the application of the principles of behaviour analysis. The Star Academy team delivers a unique customized program for each child aimed at addressing each child’s challenges and delays. Many decades of research have empirically proven the effectiveness of ABA with children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Furthermore, ABA is advocated by the American Surgeon General in the treatment of children with Autism.

Behaviour Management

Online learning solution for autism

Skills® is an online Solution for Autism that provides comprehensive assessment and curriculum, positive behaviour support planning for challenging behaviour, progress tracking, and treatment evaluation all in one place. Skills® identifies every skill an individual with autism needs across every area of human functioning from infancy up through adolescence while still allowing users the flexibility to customise lesson activities.

Our mission is to provide global access to state-of-the-art tools which facilitate delivery of high-quality, comprehensive, and individualised ABA-based intervention to individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

To support this mission, Skills® was created for treatment providers and school districts to improve accessibility to comprehensive assessment and curriculum and to increase efficiency with writing Individual Education Plans (IEPs), Behaviour Intervention Plans (BIPs), and progress reports. Skills® was also created to provide an option to families who do not have access to ABA-based intervention supervised by experienced professionals.

Skills® offers affordable access to ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) services to individuals or organisations in remote areas that are not near a Star Academy.

If you wish to purchase a Skills® licence, you can contact the Star Academy:

School facilitation for autism and related disorders

Depending on the age, skills and deficits of the child upon entering our program, school placement may come into play. The sooner a child can catch up on his/her skills deficits, the better their chance of integrating into a school environment. Our goal is for children to be placed in mainstream school environments so that they learn from and model typical peers. The child’s allocated supervisor will assess whether the child has pre-requisite skills for school and will thereafter make a recommendation on school placement. If your child does not have the pre-requisite skills for school placement on assessment, the pre-requisite skills to school will then become a part of your child’s program at the Star Academy in order for us to prepare the child for a school placement in the future.

The aim of our Star Academy school facilitation program is to introduce the child to the school setting that best suits their particular needs. Our goal is for the child to be an active and ultimately independant member of the classroom. Allocating a trained Star Academy facilitator to the child will allow the child to stay on par in the classroom and eventually the end goal being, the removal of the facilitator and the independence of the child at school.


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