The ABA teaching methodology is relevant to the following categories of children:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD);
  • Language Delay;
  • Challenging behaviours;
  • Children in a mainstream school setting facing remedial school and falling behind in the classroom. These children are eligible for our catch up program;
  • Developmental Delay in the areas of communication, cognition or social readiness;
  • ADHD; or
  • Any other related disorder to Autism


Within this assessment, The Star Academy supervisors create an individualised program based on the skill deficits the child is experiencing. The skills assessment focuses on eight distinct areas of human functioning.

  • Social;
  • Motor;
  • Language;
  • Adaptive;
  • Play;
  • Executive Functioning;
  • Cognition;
  • Academic

For more research on ABA

For more research on skills

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“ABA helps parents to teach their children great life skills that many autistic children are lacking but also makes it easy for the child to want to partake in good behaviour as the rewards are beneficial to them.”

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