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Services for children with autism

  • ABA trained SENS tutors
  • Home-based after school program
  • Remote online service option
  • ABA tutor training

International Certification

We can design and manage a unique ABA program for your child. Our specialist tutors provide ABA services to children of all ages and across the spectrum.

We have placed ABA Therapists as Special Education Needs Tutors in Cambridge, Nottinghill, Edgware, Kingston Upon Thames, Brentwood, Stanmore, Gunnersbury, Wales and Manchester. We are also assisting families around the UK remotely or with live in facilitators. The Star Academy has an established track record over the last 18 years and currently operates in 13 countries. We provide a road map and a way forward to families around the world.

Autism support Hotline: +44 (1384) 437877

Facebook support group: Autism, Now What?

Top-quality ABA is the key to skill acquisition


Our services offered consist of highly specialised tutoring. Our instructors have received training and have experience in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Our team creates evidence based treatment plans drawing on the Skills Developmental Curriculum and on the principles of ABA. This allows us to customise individualised programs for each child, track results and achieve meaningful skill acquisition. The comprehensive curriculum covers many areas of development and is relied on to guide each child’s team.

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Saving My Sons sends a powerful message to all parents and professionals in the world of autism: if you want to help a child with autism, discard your biases and preconceptions and beyond all else, never ever give up!

Having spent the last 18 years unravelling autism, Ilana shares the details of her sons’ diagnosis and treatment, passing on her first-hand knowledge and experience.

The book provides parents with an understanding and awareness of steps that can be taken towards helping their child onto the road to healing. Restoring a child’s health is key in addressing the symptoms of autism. The uniqueness of this book, is that it doesn’t just focus on one methodology or treatment, but covers a wide range of options that can ultimately lead to best outcomes.

Discovering Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and how ABA contributed to overcoming many obstacles attached to an autism diagnosis is discussed in the book.


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What is Applied Behaviour Analysis?

ABA is endorsed by the American Academy of Paediatrics and the US Surgeon General. It is regarded as a medical necessity and a scientific and evidence -based treatment for autism. The methodology has been time-tested and proven to be successful throughout the lifetime of individuals with autism.

Many studies have established that intensive ABA can improve outcomes for many children on the spectrum. “Intensive” and “long term” refer to programs that provide 25 to 40 hours a week of ABA for more than 1 year. These studies show gains in intellectual functioning, language development, daily living skills and social functioning.

Our instructors deliver top quality individualised ABA programmes

Once we have conducted a developmental assessment for your child, we will customise an Individualised Education Plan (IEP). In addition, we draw on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). The developmental curriculum provides a step-by-step guide and your allocated case manager will be following the developmental curriculum and continuously updating the program as your child acquires skills. Our ABA tutors will aim to assist your child to acquire age-appropriate skills and work towards their independence and skill acquisition. We tutor children one-on-one from as early as 18 months and tutor children of different ages. Our services are available Monday to Friday. Parents can book home sessions and specific time slots during the day.


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What next?

The first step to making a difference in your child’s life is as simple as asking for help. Please make an enquiry and we will contact you to set up a Zoom consultation.

The second step is to complete our intake paperwork. Once we have received your paperwork we will set up your child’s assessment with one of our case managers to create your child’s individualised education plan.

There are parents who make use of our remote services option which involves regular zoom sessions and support from a distance.


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