ABA Tutors for Special Education Needs

The Star Academy

In the realm of Special Education Needs (SEN), finding the right support for children on the autism spectrum is a journey that demands expertise, compassion, and a tailored approach. At The Star Academy, our commitment to excellence is in our service providing ABA tutors for Special Education Needs. This the heart of our mission: unlocking the potential of every child.

ABA Tutor for Special Education Needs: A Guiding Light

The role of an ABA tutor for Special Education Needs is instrumental in providing individualised and effective support for children with autism. At The Star Academy, our ABA tutors are skilled professionals who specialise in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Their primary goal is to create an environment that fosters growth and development in every child they work with.

Tailored Support: The Core of ABA Tutoring

At The Star Academy, we recognise the unique needs of each child and craft individualised ABA programs that address specific challenges and promote skill development. This personalised approach ensures that every session is purposeful, effective, and aligned with the child’s developmental goals.

The Benefits of Having an ABA Tutor for Special Education Needs

1. Expertise in Applied Behaviour Analysis

Our ABA tutors are experts in Applied Behaviour. The phrase “ABA trained SEN tutors” emphasises the training our professionals undergo to ensure they are experienced in ABA principles. This expertise enables them to implement evidence-based strategies that have proven success in improving behaviours, communication, and overall functioning in children with autism.

2. Individualized Lesson Plans

Central to our approach is the use of Skills™, an innovative web-based system that equips our ABA tutors and case managers with powerful tools. This includes a comprehensive assessment tool that evaluates eight developmental domains, enabling our case managers to create “individualised treatment plans” tailored to the specific needs of each child. These plans serve as roadmaps for effective ABA intervention, ensuring that sessions are targeted and aligned with the child’s unique goals.

3. Progress Tracking for Measurable Outcomes

Our commitment to transparency and progress is highlighted by the “Progress Tracking System” integrated into Skills™. This system allows our ABA tutors, case managers and parents to assess the child’s development during treatment, providing measurable outcomes that guide the ongoing refinement of the ABA program. Regular assessments and supervision ensure that interventions are effective and contribute to the child’s overall progress.

ABA Tutoring Beyond Boundaries: Remote Sessions on Zoom

Recognising the importance of accessibility, we also make use of technology to offer remote ABA sessions on Zoom. This initiative ensures that families across the UK can access our specialised ABA tutoring solutions from the comfort of their homes.

Nurturing Future Experts: Training UK Psychology Students

To expand the reach of our mission, we actively recruit UK students studying psychology. Through comprehensive training in ABA methodologies, these students join our team, fostering a new generation of professionals dedicated to supporting children with special education needs.

Collaborative Excellence: Working with UK BCBAs

For families with access to Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBAs) in the UK, our program offers a collaborative approach. By working with BCBA professionals, we enhance the quality of our ABA interventions and contribute to the ongoing training of ABA therapists.

The Star Academy’s ABA program is a holistic and transformative approach to supporting children with autism. Contact us today to explore how our specialised ABA Tutors for special education needs equipped with the power of Skills™, can guide your child towards progress, independence, and a brighter future.

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