This group has been created by Ilana Gerschlowitz, author of “Saving My Sons – A Journey With Autism” and mother of three boys. One who still battles autism everyday and one who completely recovered from autism.

We would also like to invite professionals working with children with autism to join our group in order to learn more about the make up of autism.
The experience of having a child with autism begins with the shattering of all hope. The dreams you have for your child feel as if they have been ripped away in an instant and the challenging behaviors and therapies take over your life. In a way this is your test of survival.
This group and the information we share is aimed at empowering parents around the globe with the information they need to unravel the mystery of autism.
By sharing our experiences as parents we can pass on our first hand knowledge of which treatments work and which don’t.
We can share our heartbreak and our fears as well as the victories along the way.

Autism is treatable and recovery is possible. Early intervention is key and sets the stage for recovery however it is never too late to start the right treatment. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and following a biomedical treatment protocol is the recipe for success.

Restoring health takes time and learning from other parents will fast track the access to information that you need to secure your child’s future. No matter how old your child, please join our group.
No day will end, no sun will set without us searching for the autism cure.
The book “Saving My Sons – a Journey With Autism” is available via amazon or for South Africans: