Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

As Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) becomes better understood and more widely recognised, the need for specialised education and support becomes increasingly crucial. This necessity is amplified by the prevalence of harmful misinformation surrounding autism and its management. Families with a child on the autism spectrum often seek personalised tutoring to unlock their loved one’s full potential. The Star Academy was created to meet this demand, offering exceptional autism tutoring services across various locations, while also expanding its reach to London.

The Star Academy extends its reach internationally

The Star Academy operates several centres, providing accessible support for individuals with autism. In South Africa, these centres are situated in Johannesburg’s Highlands North, Waverley, and Fourways, as well as in Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, and Rustenburg. Additionally, The Star Academy extends its reach internationally through innovative approaches such as international rotations, where instructors travel to meet individuals and provide in-person tutoring for a limited duration. Some instructors work with the child for over 3 months in some cases! This hands-on approach fosters deeper connections and facilitates
comprehensive learning experiences.

Our commitment to reaching individuals

Excitingly, The Star Academy is aiming to open a centre in London, enhancing access to high-quality autism tutoring services in the United Kingdom. This expansion underscores the organisation’s commitment to reaching individuals and families wherever they reside, ensuring no one is left behind in their academic and personal growth journey.

For those unable to access physical centres, The Star Academy offers remote tutoring sessions. A link will be sent a few hours before each session, and the child (assisted by a caretaker if they cannot be on Zooms independently. Through reliable internet connectivity and experienced instructors trained in remote tutoring techniques, individuals can receive tailored support regardless of geographical limitations. This ensures that The Star Academy’s tutoring services are always within reach.

The tutoring services offered by The Star Academy cater not only to children with autism but also to those experiencing various learning difficulties. Through its CatchUp Kids programme, ABA-trained tutors provide personalised support based on the Skills Developmental Curriculum. These tutors are equipped to accompany children to school, assist with homework, practice reading, and work through school projects, ensuring comprehensive support tailored to each child’s needs.

If you are uncertain whether The Star Academy can meet your child’s needs, please email for personalised assistance.