Children with special education needs (SEN) often face unique challenges that can hinder their academic progress and social development. They often fall victim to bullying and being marginalised in social settings. Understanding these challenges isimportant in finding solutions to preventing any hindrances to their everyday lives. The Star Academy recognizes the importance of designing an individualized program with Special Education Needs Tutors, and using a one-on-one approach to address the unique needs of the children we work with.


Children with special education needs have unique challenges, ranging from learning disabilities like dyslexia and multi-sensory impairment to developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder. Unlike regular classrooms, personalized attention helps tailor support to each child’s learning style, strengths, and weaknesses. The Star Academy Special Education Needs Tutors are dedicated to providing one-on-one tutoring using the Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) teaching methodology which focuses on understanding behaviour and using positive reinforcement to teach new skills and manage challenging behaviours.


Our tutors are trained in ABA techniques to understand the unique needs of children with Special Education Needs and manage challenging behaviours effectively. Through ongoing professional development and supervision, we strive to maintain the highest standards of practice and provide our children with the best possible support. By applying ABA principles, we create a supportive learning environment that fosters skill acquisition and positive social interactions which will assist them in the classroom environment and in other social settings.


Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) can offer several benefits for children with special educational needs:


1. The one-on-one approach allows the child to get the attention that they need and to learn at a pace that they are comfortable with. There are no distractions which enables the child to grasp what’s being taught faster than they normally would in a group setting.


2. ABA utilizes positive reinforcement techniques to motivate and encourage desired behaviours, fostering a supportive learning environment.


3. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recognises ABA therapy as a notable therapy in managing the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. ABA is an evidence-based approach which is supported by research and has proven to assist children with all kinds of learning difficulties.


4. ABA programs aim to enhance a wide range of skills, targeting any skills deficits to assist the child in reaching their age-appropriate developmental milestones.


5. To cope with the challenges that children with special education needs face, ABA promotes the generalization of skills across different settings, helping children apply what they’ve learned in various contexts.


6. To ensure that progress is continuous, ABA often involves collaboration among professionals, caregivers, and educators to ensure consistency and continuity of support across different environments.


7. ABA includes systematic data collection and analysis to track progress over time, allowing for adjustments to interventions based on individual needs and progress. Overall, ABA can be a valuable tool for supporting individuals with SEN by promoting skill development, behaviour management, and overall quality of life. Central to our approach is the role of the case manager, who oversees the implementation of the child’s program and ensures that it remains responsive to their evolving needs. The case manager serves as a point of contact for parents, providing regular updates on their child’s progress and making any necessary modifications to the program when necessary. At Star Academy, we believe in transparent communication and providing feedback regularly to parents. This includes setting targets, tracking progress, and addressing any concerns or question which may arise.


The Star Academy extends its reach across the UK, catering to families with bespoke programs aimed at empowering children. By equipping parents with practical tools and strategies, we aim to foster a supportive home environment that promotes continuous
growth and development. Through our initiatives, we witness profound transformations, as children overcome skill deficits and thrive in remarkable ways. By prioritizing individualized attention and evidence-based practices, we empower children to overcome challenges, build essential skills, and achieve success in school and beyond. If you’re seeking personalized support for your child with special needs, we invite you to contact The Star Academy today to learn more about our programs and services.