Autism: Now What?
Conference London 2024

The conference is for parents and professionals in the field of autism.


Dr. Nicola Antonucci

World renowned doctor from The Biomedical Autism Centre in Bari, Italy, will deliver a presentation focusing on the biomedical treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related disorders.

Ilana Gerschlowitz

Author of “Saving my Sons: A Journey with Autism” will be discussing applied behavior analysis (ABA) and educational programs for children with autism, challenging behaviors, learning challengers or related disorders.

Martin Gerschlowitz – “Doctor Dad”

Martin’s impact and contribution to autism has been life changing for many families, including his own. He has helped to establish and run The Star Academy which provides ABA programs internationally.

Sarah Lyons – Consultant Speech and Language Therapist

Sarah is a highly sought-after Consultant Speech and Language Therapist working across the UK and Internationally. She is an expert in many areas of communication difficulties such as Developmental Language Disorders, Autism, Selective Mutism, Down’s Syndrome, Speech Delay/Disorder and the treatments for these.

Topics Covered

Session 1 (Dr. Antonucci):

  • Autism an enviromental disorder
  • Gut-brain connection
  • Treating Microbiome imbalance
  • Addressing Oxidative stress and detoxification impairment
  • Environmental toxicants and Autism: prevention and treatment
  • Autism and Mitocondrial impairment

Session 2 (Ilana Gershlowitz):

  • Diagnosis: Autism: Now What?
  • What to consider when choosing an education program for your child with autism
  • Aaron’s Journey with autism – how to secure best outcomes. Aaron is now indistinguishable from his peers in regular school.
  • Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (EIBI)
  • An overview of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and access to good quality ABA
  • How many hours of ABA is enough?
  • Good ABA vs bad ABA
  • Why ABA is not always enough: overview of the most comprehensive developmental curriculum to guide developmental program*.
  • How to get more spontaneous vocal functional communication
  • Sensory issues and the gut
  • Tackling speech motor planning and apraxia
  • Dealing with ADHD and executive functioning skills
  • How to choose a doctor and foundational pillars to medical treatment
  • David’s journey with Autism
  • Life today as a caregiver to an adult son with profound autism
  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • Anxiety and OCD
  • The role of Augmentative communication
  • Navigating the journey for high functioning teens with autism
  • How to teach social skills
  • How to access a Star Academy UK program

* The developmental curriculum is the most comprehensive assessment of a child’s skills, ever created spanning across eight developmental areas, including social, motor, language, adaptive, play, executive functions, cognition and academic skills. All developmental skills have assigned ages for when they emerge in typical development. Skills allows our team at Star Academy, to formulate and manage a fully individualized intervention plan for each child with ASD. In addition, the data tracking system allows us to track each child’s progress.

Session 3 (Martin Gershlowitz):

  • Doctor Dad shares useful insight and advice to parents and fathers of children with autism
  • How to keep your hope alive
  • Fight autism not each other
  • Tips for the extended family

Session 4 (Dr. Antonucci):

  • Brain Inflammation and Microglia activation in Autism
  • Allergies, Mast Cell Activation and Autism
  • Apraxia as target of treatment in Autism
  • Supporting brain development with Nootropics
  • Autoimmune and PANS/ANDAS co-morbidity

Session 5 (Sarah Lyons):

ABA and Speech and Language Therapy – working in harmony

  • Speech and Language Therapy – what is it and who do we work with?
  • ABA and Speech and Language Therapy – how the two disciplines compliment each other
  • Case Study- ABA and SLT programme
  • Questions


Session 6:

  • Q&A with the panel of all our speakers

Who Should Attend?

  • Parents of children or teenagers with autism, or suspected autism
  • BCBA’s and professionals in the field of autism
  • Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and SEN Tutors
  • Psychologists and Educational Psychologists supporting children or families affected by autism
  • Doctors and Paediatricians wanting to learn more about autism diagnosis and treatment

Contact Details

Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel

Address: 12 Upper Woburn Pl, London WC1H 0HX, United Kingdom

The Hotel is just a few minutes away from Euston Station, Kings Cross St. Pancras Station (Eurostar Terminal) and Russell Square Tube Station




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